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Announcing the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015!

October 22, 2014

Mark your calendars! The Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015 will be held on Saturday, April 25th and Sunday, April 26th, 2015 at Brooklyn Historical Society, featuring two days of zine exhibitors, panels, and workshops.  Exhibitor applications will open in January 2015, and all details will be posted here as they develop.  To keep yourself in the loop, sign up for the mailing list via the link on the sidebar.

BZF 2015 Announcement

All the Photos From Brooklyn Zine Fest 2014!

May 1, 2014

The Brooklyn Zine Fest 2014 spanned two days at the beautiful Brooklyn Historical Society, and photographer Sylvie Rosokoff was there the whole weekend to capture it all.  Below, see more than seventy-five of our favorites, plus photos from Tom Scola and all around the Internet (click through on links to see more hi-res photos from each set).

Photos by Sylvie Rosokoff:

These photos by Tom Scola:

From photographer Kirsten White:

From Twitter:

From Instagram:

Zine Festing today with @danielzender ! #bzf2014 #brooklynzinefest

A photo posted by Laura Berglund (@lauraberg) on

Brooklyn Zine Fest 2014!

A photo posted by Rommel Wood (@blergisphere) on

@girlsandbeuysclub @booklynart @bklynzinefest #BrooklynZineFest

A photo posted by Brooklyn (@cosbe1) on

#hirsuteheroines by @sparkledarling at #brooklynzinefest

A photo posted by Dirty Looks NYC (@dirtylooksnyc) on

Really great bumping into these lovely ladies at #brooklynzinefest today ! @noelclaro @bethzimm

A photo posted by Hollow Brooklyn (@hollowbrooklyn) on


A photo posted by @cheeseu on

Peeps trying to do the magic eye cover of The Bushwick Review at #brooklynzinefest #bzf #thebushwickreview #zine #zines #TBRV

A photo posted by Kristen Felicetti (@kris10felicetti) on

The zine of my life, indeed. #brooklynzinefest

A photo posted by Cassandra Leveille (@femrevenge) on

Viewmaster Magic #greenzine #brooklynzinefest

A photo posted by Nicole A. Taylor (@foodculturist) on

#latergram of the panel on zines from mixed-race writers in advance of #brooklynzinefest

A photo posted by Cassandra Leveille (@femrevenge) on

Horror Boobs and Dolphe reppin' Blood Video at the Brooklyn Zine Fest!

A photo posted by @horrorboobs on

Lots of Melvins shirts at #brooklynzinefair

A photo posted by Ben Sisto (@bensisto) on


A photo posted by Nic Fit Vintage © BROOKLYN, NY (@nic_fit) on

Back to my roots. #zinequeen #brooklynzinefest

A photo posted by @rachelbrownmusic on

Bodger Miller says, “My favorite moment at the Brooklyn Zine Fest. My sister sat next to me for a little bit and helped me interact with humans.”

From a recap by Cody Pickrodt (Ray Ray Books):

From Take Out‘s recap by Caro Griffin:

From Animal New York’s recap by Marina Galperina:

Stopping to smell the proses

April 30, 2014


After putting together an awesome two-page spread about this year’s event for their print edition, Time Out New York‘s Andrew Frisicano headed to Brooklyn Historical Society to check out all the Brooklyn Zine Fest exhibitors in person.  The recap he put up on TONY‘s site today is equal parts strange and poetic, a fitting encapsulation of this yearly celebration of the self-printed page.  Here’s a taste of his scent-based review (see it here in full):

“Print has a weight, a texture and a smell. You can read it, tack it on your wall, hand it to a friend, and you can admire its unique fragrance.”

“…the floral aroma of the risograph-printed CybrMall. Sweet, certainly memorable. Street-art zine Carnage comes in a sealed bag to lock in the perfume (fresh paint and pretzels). AlexZine‘s photocopied pages carry an earthy, herbal fragrance. Next time you find yourself with a Kindle in your hand, take a breath and consider just what you might be missing.”

We love the idea of experiencing zines in a new way.  So go ahead — open up the envelopes or shoeboxes where you keep them, or just lay down next to the pile of printed matter strewn across your floor, and give it a whiff.  You just might appreciate zines in a way you hadn’t thought of before.


Photographs of BZF 2014 Attendees’ Zine Hauls

April 29, 2014

One of the biggest reasons we started the Brooklyn Zine Fest three years ago was that we wanted to see all the best zines from Brooklyn and beyond in one place, and chat with their makers.  Luckily, lots of other people agreed with us.  Here’s a sampling of the zines people brought home from the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2014, via Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr:

penny checking out the loot from day one of @bklynzinefest

A photo posted by soldier of love & justice 🌙 (@eljayyy) on

neat stuff from today's #brooklynzinefest

A photo posted by @suzisadpants on

$40 worth of fanzines to haul home from this year's Brooklyn Zine Fest.

A photo posted by Adel Souto (@adel156) on

Good lil haul from Brooklyn zine fest last weekend! Stoked to meet the hilarious @adamjk

A photo posted by Riley Hoonan (@rileyhoonan) on

New reading material, aka my haul from the #BrooklynZineFest :) #zine #zines

A photo posted by @sinongnanaymoe on

#BrooklynZinefest loot. Shoutout to @packetbiweekly not included which my BF has. So solid.

A photo posted by 🌴❕〽〽🍸 👉👌 (@timmyfun) on

Made some gr8 decisions at #brooklynzinefest yesterday

A photo posted by @paolaes on

My Zine Fest haul. Stoked for the new Bushwick Review ish!

A photo posted by Hugh McMullen (@hughadam) on


A photo posted by @annagallen on

#brooklynzinefest acquisitions. Thanks @adamjk @joshlafayette @chrispiascik and everyone else!

A photo posted by Skip Hursh (@skiphursh) on

Day two, #brooklynzinefest haul. Met some really lovely folks today and excited to read these zines!!!

A photo posted by Fiona Avocado (@fiona_avocado) on

Dreaming with my eyes open. #brooklynzinefest

A photo posted by @thatchickshana on

Brooklyn Zine Fest pt. deux! From @tuesdaybassen @nicolereber @rrebekkaa @gemmacorrel @danielzender !

A photo posted by Michael Miller (@mychelmiller) on

Brooklyn Zone Fest haul!! #brooklynzinefest #diyordie #zines

A photo posted by vomitparty (@vomitparty) on

Got these today at the Brooklyn Zine Fest. #lesbianherstoryarchives #niaking #brooklynzinefest

A photo posted by SJU 🚀 BKLYN (@trenazul) on

Day 2 at the #brooklynzinefest with @eljayyy and @lalalopez

A photo posted by B (@lefty8ev) on

#brooklynzinefest #kindnessismagic #brooklynheights

A photo posted by Pam (@pamash) on

Cleaned up at #BrooklynZineFest

A photo posted by Jillian Adel (@jillianbadel) on

#BrooklynZineFest 📚❤️

A photo posted by Grace =^.^= (@gracethestate) on

Day 1 #brooklynzinefest haul.

A photo posted by Fiona Avocado (@fiona_avocado) on

All of the wonderful things I picked up at Brooklyn Zine Fest yesterday.

A photo posted by laurarbee (@laurarbee) on

brooklyn zine fest haul feat. @scorpioincharge // frida socks // buffy

A photo posted by India K (@heartbread) on



A video posted by esther hong (@estrhong) on

uminotenshi via Tumblr:
Umi zine haul

Jeremy Jusay via Facebook:
Jeremy Jusay on Facebook

From Mindy Indy:

Studium/Punctum Day 1 via Tumblr:
Studium zine haul 1

Studium/Punctum Day 2 via Tumblr:
Studium zine haul 2

AND FINALLY, the Brooklyn Zine Fest Organizers’ haul, in two parts:

DSCF2353 small

DSCF2356 small


A sneak peek of photos from this weekend’s zine fest

April 28, 2014

This past weekend brought the biggest and most well-attended Brooklyn Zine Fest in our three-year history, and we couldn’t have been happier with the entire event.  From the gorgeous rooms at Brooklyn Historical Society to the amazing variety of zines to the energetic and engaged crowds (and a few adorable pups who pulled their owners into the space), everything was lovely and we had an amazing time.

We’ll have many more photos coming this week, but for now, here’s a sample of our favorites from photographer Sylvie Rosokoff:

See you TODAY, Sunday 4/27 for 75 NEW zine exhibitors and two panel talks!

April 27, 2014


Yesterday we kicked off zine fest weekend with some amazing zines and lots of attendees and readers (see photos below to find out what you missed/saw).  Today the self-published fun continues at Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepont St. in Brooklyn Heights) with 75 NEW exhibitors (a completely different line-up!) and two panel talks.

The zine fest runs from 11am to 6pm today, with panel talks in the Othmer Library on Zine Collectives, Archives, and Libraries at 1pm, and onAnonymity in Zine Making at 3pm.  Zine exhibitors will be sprawling over two floors (half in the Great Hall on the ground floor and half downstairs), so be sure to check them all out! Here’s how to get to Brooklyn Historical Society:


Today’s zine exhibitor list for Sunday, April 27th:

Displaced Snail Publications
Crying Frodo
The La-La Theory
Miniature Garden
Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric
Elation Press
Cynthia Ann
The Ken Chronicles
Desert Island
Smoke Signal
Ramsey Everydaypants
Barnard Zine Library
Lower East Side Librarian
The Cowation
Robin Enrico
Carnage NYC
Jowy Romano
Gutfeelings Zine
Pegacorn Press
Booklyn Art Gallery
The Modern Travelers’ Green Zine
Big Tee Pee
Steve Seck
Fangirl Publications
Standard Issue + Tuesday Bassen
A Voyage to Panjikant
Original Plumbing
Erin Fae
Lovers & Other Strangers
Liz Prince
Brandi Lee
Vinyl Vagabonds
Haiku & Holga
I Love Bad Movies
Variations On
Yo, Miss!
Spectacle Theater
The Runcible Spoon
Hirsute Heroines
M. Sweeney Lawless
Brooklyn to Mars
One Page Productions
No Kings Press
The Carbon Based Mistake
On Flora
Take Out
Sleeping Creatures Distro
Rebekka Dunlap
Eleanor C. Whitney/Grow
Brown Rice Magazine
Ray Ray Books
Rad Dad/Tomas Moniz
Art Activist Nia
Eli Brandwein
Packet Biweekly
Research and Destroy New York City
Bar Scrawl
Jess Worby
Lyra Hill/Brain Frame

Student & Teacher Section on Sun. 4/27
Barnard Zine Club
Blame Dagger
Awake Zines
Tyler Boss
The Broke Squad
Twenty-Four Hours
Kjersti Faret
Parsons Illustration
Parsons Alumni
Hayley Gold
Barnard/Columbia Mountain Stewards
Black Lesbians @ Lesbian Herstory Archive

And here are a few snaps of yesterday, to get you pumped for today.  All photos courtesy Sylvie Rosokoff:

See you today for a full day of zines!

Zine Fest Weekend Starts Today — See You at Brooklyn Historical Society!

April 26, 2014

At last, Brooklyn Zine Fest 2014 has arrived!  Today and tomorrow (Saturday 4/26 and Sunday 4/27) from 11am to 6pm, come see 150 exhibitors (a completely different lineup of 75 each day!) showcasing their self-published magazines on two floors in the gorgeous Brooklyn Historical Society, 128 Pierrepont St. in Brooklyn Heights.

As always, the BZF is free to attend, all ages, and open to everyone.

Today also features a panel talk on Queer & Trans* Zinesters at 4:30pm in the Othmer Library, with Nia King, Sarah Mae Allard, Amos Mac, and moderator Jordan Alam.

Every train running through northern/Downtown Brooklyn stops nearby, so it’s an easy trip from anywhere in the city.  Here’s a handy map (click on the map  to get directions from Google).


Here’s the full list of exhibitors for today.  Check out the Exhibitors page to see the full lineup for this weekend.

Saturday, April 26th
I Love Bad Movies
the carbon based mistake
Used Gravitrons
James McPherson Zines
Harrison Stewart
Usagi Por Moi
Marta Ryczko
Jess Ruliffson
The East Village Inky
Put A Egg On It / SALT
Big Womyn Press
Lunchmeat Magazine
Rellie Brewer
Horror Boobs
Chris Carfolite
, [Ed. note: Yup, just a comma.]
POC Zine Project
The Bushwick Review
Sassyfrass Circus
tsurufoto nudiezine
The Worst: Grief & Loss
For the Birds Feminist Collective
Chris Piascik
Josh LaFayette
Sincerely Analog
Pillow Talk Zine
Homos in Herstory
Quail Bell Magazine
Maya Edelman
Dave Ortega
LI’L PILL-O, Books.
Everything is Fucked, Everything is OK
Fluxxii Mental Health Distro
Keep This Bag Away From Children
Paper Rocket
Big Daddy Bones Press
Jeremy Jusay
So Buttons
Meghan Turbitt
SMH Girls
Brooklyn College Library Zine Collection
FORGE. Art Magazine
Wizard skull
Syndicate Product
So What? Press
Vice Versa Press
PSI Cycling Journal
HQ Press
Egoheads Zine Collective
Brighton Beach Coney Island Local
Instant Rabbit
Trust Me: I Know What I’m Doing
Marnie Galloway
Gary Kachadourian
Triple Lightning
Dirt Rascal NYC
Christian Hendricks
Whim Quarterly Etc.

Student & Teacher Section on Sat. 4/26
1800′s Axl Rose
Hazel Newlevant
Moon Comix
Courtney Menard
The Juvenilia
Aatmaja Pandya
Kjersti Faret
Laura Lannes
TALK Magazine
Amanda Scurti
WBAR Radio

See you today and tomorrow at Brooklyn Historical Society!





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