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Saturday and Sunday featured more than 150 writers, artists, and publishers, changing from one day to the next — a completely different lineup of more than 75 exhibitors each day! Many attendees came both days to see everything the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2014 had to offer.

Most exhibitors also have online stores or websites where you can find/purchase their zines, so be sure to follow up with the zine makers you liked, and discover a few you might have missed:

Saturday, April 26th
I Love Bad Movies
the carbon based mistake
Used Gravitrons
James McPherson Zines
Harrison Stewart
Usagi Por Moi
Marta Ryczko
Jess Ruliffson
The East Village Inky
Put A Egg On It / SALT
Big Womyn Press
Lunchmeat Magazine
Rellie Brewer
Horror Boobs
Chris Carfolite
, [Ed. note: Yup, just a comma.]
POC Zine Project
The Bushwick Review
Sassyfrass Circus
tsurufoto nudiezine
The Worst: Grief & Loss
For the Birds Feminist Collective
Chris Piascik
Josh LaFayette
Sincerely Analog
Pillow Talk Zine
Homos in Herstory
Quail Bell Magazine
Maya Edelman
Dave Ortega
LI’L PILL-O, Books.
Everything is Fucked, Everything is OK
Fluxxii Mental Health Distro
Keep This Bag Away From Children
Paper Rocket
Big Daddy Bones Press
Jeremy Jusay
So Buttons
Meghan Turbitt
SMH Girls
Brooklyn College Library Zine Collection
FORGE. Art Magazine
Wizard skull
Syndicate Product
So What? Press
Vice Versa Press
PSI Cycling Journal
HQ Press
Egoheads Zine Collective
Brighton Beach Coney Island Local
Instant Rabbit
Trust Me: I Know What I’m Doing
Marnie Galloway
Gary Kachadourian
Triple Lightning
Dirt Rascal NYC
Christian Hendricks
Whim Quarterly Etc.
Sunday, April 27th
Displaced Snail Publications
Crying Frodo
The La-La Theory
Miniature Garden
Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric
Elation Press
Cynthia Ann
The Ken Chronicles
Desert Island
Smoke Signal
Ramsey Everydaypants
Barnard Zine Library
Lower East Side Librarian
The Cowation
Robin Enrico
Carnage NYC
Jowy Romano
Gutfeelings Zine
Pegacorn Press
Booklyn Art Gallery
The Modern Travelers’ Green Zine
Big Tee Pee
Steve Seck
Fangirl Publications
Standard Issue + Tuesday Bassen
A Voyage to Panjikant
Original Plumbing
Erin Fae
Lovers & Other Strangers
Liz Prince
Brandi Lee
Vinyl Vagabonds
Haiku & Holga
I Love Bad Movies
Variations On
Yo, Miss!
Spectacle Theater
The Runcible Spoon
Hirsute Heroines
M. Sweeney Lawless
Brooklyn to Mars
One Page Productions
No Kings Press
The Carbon Based Mistake
On Flora
Take Out
Sleeping Creatures Distro
Rebekka Dunlap
Eleanor C. Whitney/Grow
Brown Rice Magazine
Ray Ray Books
Art Activist Nia
Eli Brandwein
Packet Biweekly
Research and Destroy New York City
Bar Scrawl
Jess Worby
Lyra Hill/Brain Frame
Student & Teacher Section on Sun. 4/27


Student & Teacher Section on Sat. 4/26
1800’s Axl Rose
Hazel Newlevant
Moon Comix
Courtney Menard
The Juvenilia
Aatmaja Pandya
Kjersti Faret
Laura Lannes
TALK Magazine
Amanda Scurti
Barnard Zine Club
Blame Dagger
Awake Zines
The Broke Squad
Twenty-Four Hours
Kjersti Faret
Parsons Illustration
Parsons Alumni
Hayley Gold
Barnard/Columbia Mountain Stewards
Black Lesbians @ Lesbian Herstory Archive


For info about past exhibitors and links to their websites and online stores, see the Vault.



All photos by Sylvie Rosokoff.

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