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Zine of the Month: Featured Raffle Donor

April 10, 2012

As any zine reader knows, there are generally two kinds of zines.  Many are part of a series or a larger portfolio, reliably put out volume after volume, and can be found via distributors and the writer/artist’s website/store for years to follow.  But some zines are rare birds, put out in small printings for a focused, dedicated audience.  These self-published magazines can be here today, gone tomorrow, often leaving indelible marks on their readers.


Zine of the Month is a subscription-based club which releases these rare, special creatures into the wild ten times per year (or approximately once per month).  Each of these publications is hand made in limited editions — once they’re gone, you won’t find them anymore — and are filled with art and writing that can’t be found anywhere else.

Started in 2009 by Mark Price (of Mark Price is a Factory), Zine of the Month has grown from a small, Philadelphia-based service to one offering international subscriptions and distribution in comics and bookstores throughout the country.  Many of the contributing artists are friends of Mark’s, some are people he admired and wrangled into collaborating, and while most hail from Philly, Zines of the Month have been created by artists in New York City and elsewhere in the country.


At the Brooklyn Zine Fest Raffle, you’ll be able to win a free one-year subscription to Zine of the Month, a $75 value which will leave you under a pile of great art.  Mark Price has also generously donated a second prize pack consisting of six limited edition zines, to be raffled off separately.

Mark will have a full table at the Brooklyn Zine Fest on Sunday, April 15th at Public Assembly in Williamsburg.  Stop by, say hello, ask him how many cheesesteaks he eats in a week, and pick up a couple of these small-run masterworks.

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