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Thought Catalog Ponders the Brooklyn Zine Fest

April 15, 2012

BZF co-organizers Kseniya and Matt recently answered a few questions for Laura Jayne Martin of culture blog Thought Catalog.  One day before New York City’s premiere zine event, we discuss what makes zines special, how a self-publisher measures success, and how to break into the “zine industry.”  Read the full interview here, but here’s a bit from Kseniya:

“I think what distinguishes zine fests from other fests [i.e. art & craft fairs] is conversation. You’re sitting there with a stapled bundle of work that you did after your latest trip or break-up or whatever, and that can lead to a more intimate exchange with a fest visitor than, say, a scarf or a doily. I love all forms of DIY, but zines specifically can be quite personal, so get ready for some laughter and tears as you make your rounds through the BZF.”

We’ll see you tomorrow at the fest: tear streaks, laugh lines and all!


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