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Brokelyn asks, “Why would anyone still read zines?” And people answer.

April 16, 2012


(BZF 2012 exhibitor and East Village Inky creator Ayun Halliday)

David Colon of Brokelyn has followed up his pre-fest preview article with a recap of the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2012.  Check out the full article here to read what seven different attendees thought of the Brooklyn Zine Fest, zines in general, and the vibrant life of self-published print media today. A few sample responses:


What brought you here? Have you been into zines long?
1) I started reading them recently. I figured I could come here and see who in the community I could click with and also get some inspiration for my own zine.

2) People are interested in publishing their own media. This isn’t Twitter or Facebook, it’s nice to have something tactile, that you can hold on to. That sense of realness makes coming here a little like going to an art museum.

What do you think explains the turnout?
There a lot of places you can get zine, like you can go to Printed Matter or Bluestockings, but there’s a much bigger variety here.


Will zines destory the Kindle?
No, but they’ll give it their best shot.

Do you have your own zine?
Not now, but I’ve been working on one with my friends, it’ll be short pieces mostly. Maybe seeing this in public will force me to work on it.

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