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Capital New York Reflects on the Fest, Zine History, Creative Subculture

April 23, 2012

Journalist and NYU professor Yevgeniya Traps has written an informed, multi-faceted, and human-scale article for Capital New York about the Brooklyn Zine Fest, the history of zines, and what this year’s event has meant for the creative and self-publishing communities.  We’re glad to have been the focus of Yevgeniya’s hard work, and suggest you read the entire article here.  For the full zine effect, print it out, staple it, and read it on the subway.

In addition to “a defense of all things quirky, oddball, and most of all, handmade,” there are some great quotes from BZF 2012 exhibitors Tom Blunt of Meet the Lady, Jenna Freedman of Lower East Side Librarian, Marc Calvary of The Carbon Based Mistake, and Ayun Halliday of The East Village Inky, plus excerpts from an interview with all three organizers.

Our favorite passage, summing up the scene at the Brooklyn Zine Fest:

“There was the sense that everyone involved was doing their small part to be part of some larger whole, a compendium of quirks and grievances and memories and curiosities and objects lost and found.

“Maybe this was a zine-version of a blog comments section, the chance for writer and readers to interact, exchange ideas. But it was also something largely and satisfyingly itself.”


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