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“We thought it was crazy enough to work… so, we started working on it.”

May 10, 2012

That was exactly why we started the Brooklyn Zine Fest.  Incidentally, the words we’ve quoted actually come from the other side of the country, in an interview with Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden, L.A.-based creators of comedy & comics zine The Devastator.  That line just perfectly sums up why creators create, why zinesters zine (not an actual verb), and why we set out to do things that seem beyond doing.

We first met Geoffrey and Amanda, along with their cohorts Lee Keeler and John Ford, at the L.A. Zine Fest in February, where the I Love Bad Movies table happened to be next to theirs.  For two groups of people who lived on opposite coasts and had never met, we had a surprising number of friends and contributors in common.  And we soon learned that these are excellent folks creating a sleek, impressive quarterly zine where there wasn’t one before.

Take a peek at the fun interview with A&G on the blog Los Angeles I’m Yours, along with tons of great photos of their work, their collections of zines and comics, and their adorable faces, plus great Qs and As.  A few of our other favorite quotes:

On analog vs. digital: “I like decorating shelves with cool looking books and stuff. Sure, you could have an iPhone app that shows you pictures of Mega Man action figures – but don’t you want those real Mega Man action figures? Specifically, Proto Man?”

On how the zine scene has evolved: “It feels like it’s the years of the nineties, where everyone was stapling their stuff and disseminating it at coffee shops – but it’s way more organized now.”

On the permanence of print: “With digital, you can kind of George Lucas things, going back and changing and adding CGI characters nobody wants.  In print, we could still do it but it’d be much more difficult and clumsy. It would involve a lot of stickers.”

Check out The Devastator and support independent printed comedy!

All photos by Los Angeles I’m Yours.


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