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Video Essay BZF 2012 by Jessica Durkin

May 14, 2012

Jessica Durkin, a Media Policy Initiative fellow with the New America Foundation, has put together her video coverage of the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2012 (embedded below).  Jessica is a relative newcomer to the world of zines, recently learning about self-publishing and then attending the L.A. Zine Fest in February.

We were happy to be the focus of her very first video journalism piece (link), and are looking forward to seeing more coverage of events and triends from Jessica.  We’ve also included a handy viewing guide in case you’d like to check out a certain part.

NOTE: You may need to let Vimeo finish buffering a particular section before skipping to it.

00:00 – Intro featuring excerpts from Notes from Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture by Stephen Duncombe

00:53 – Arrival at the Brooklyn Zine Fest

01:15 – Montage: Found Magazine, Little Garden Comics, Slice Harvester, Thicker Than Blood, The Bushwick Review, Alone on Prom Night, Gabriel Kendra, Morgan Pielli

02:40 – Interview with Alycia Sellie of The Borough is My Library

03:10 – Interview with Matt Carman, BZF co-organizer and I Love Bad Movies co-editor

04:45 – Steady stream of attendees into the Fest

07:05 – How to craft a zine with Alycia Sellie

09:15 – The economics of zines with BZF co-organizer Matt Carman

10:40 – Painting with Dre Grigoropol

11:40 – Interview with attendee Ally, a zine reader and Riot Grrrl fan. Favorites include Lower East Side Librarian and Twinks for Sale

13:40 – Foot traffic and end credits

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