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Meet Your Zine Maker: f666

March 12, 2013

Covering extreme metal and punk culture in New York City, f666 is a photo zine with full color photographs, spreads and posters, interviews with up and coming artists, photographer profiles from across the country, live show coverage, and columns. Meet creator Suren Karapetyan at the Brooklyn Zine Fest on Sunday April 21st, 2013.


 What have been some of your favorite reactions to f666?

Just the sole fact that someone even likes my zines are some of my favorite reactions. I had a dude from Singapore ask me to sign and number his copies, I’ve had positive reactions from bands I’ve featured, and just random e-mails I get from people saying “keep it up” and “you suck” make this thing keep going.

How would you describe a metal festival to someone who’s never been?

Imagine a large sporting event with cheaper beer and cooler people. Black t-shirts, lots of hair and tattoos. Think of a group of weirdos that are passionate about one thing congregating in one location, weird shit is bound to go down. But seriously, it’s like any niche gathering, if you’re not in it you probably won’t understand it. I recommend you watch [the 1986 documentary] Heavy Metal Parking Lot for a little preview.


 The latest issue of f666 refers to Henry David Thoreau as a crust punk.  If you could gather a bunch of historical figures for one last performance, Bill & Ted-style, who would it be?

This is easy, it’d be Beethoven, Billy the Kid, Joseph Stalin and J.R.R. Tolkien. Beethoven would write all the riffs and play guitar, Billy the Kid would play bass, J.R.R. Tolkien would write all the lyrics and do some crushing vocals while Joseph Stalin hammer blasts on the drums. Their name would be Black Metal Mail Man and they would play in your local mall. [Ed. note: While not typically metal fans, we would totally listen to this.]


 What sets f666 apart from other music zines?

Our focus is more on live music photography presented in full color with high quality printing reminiscent of a real magazine or photo book presented in zine format with zine pricing. Though I love the photo copy lo-fi aesthetic of most zines, our goal here is to mix the hi-fi of great quality and the lo-fi of DIY zine making.

Most zines feature the same cut and paste (get it?) style of the zines before them, which include album reviews, scene reports and band interviews. We don’t want to do that, f666‘s focus is more on live music photography, up and coming artists and writers. 

What are you looking forward to at the Brooklyn Zine Fest?

We’re looking forward to meeting other weirdos, selling a copy or two, the Horror Boobs and Lunchmeat dudes, getting into conversations about photography and fast music, checking out other zine makers, meeting possible contributors and maybe having a beer.



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