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Meet Your Zine Maker: Kelsey Short of Nowhere Place

March 17, 2013

Brooklyn-based illustrator Kelsey Short publishes comic zines and artist prints under the name Nowhere Place. The themes and images in her art swirl around cats, inky black clouds, weird worm holes, and human figures melting into an ashy void.  Meet Kelsey at the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013 on Sunday, April 21st at Public Assembly.


What’s with all the black clouds, melting humans, and voids?  Do you not love pretty flowers, sunny days, and laughing children?

Just another case of art imitating life.  Pretty flowers are okay, but I tend to sunburn, and believe children are to be seen not heard.  

Cats and humans switch faces in some of your illustrations.  Which face-related influences do you take inspiration from?

I had just finished 1Q84 by Murakami when I made that one comic with the girl and the cat exchanging roles, so that comic would probably be mostly influenced by that.  That was one of the comics I’ve made where the script came last, I actually started only with images, and just thought that role exchange via masks worked visually.  Next installment of this comic WILL be directly influenced by John Woo’s Face/Off (kiddingnotkidding).    


(L to R: Yumi Sakugawa and Kelsey Short)

What are you working on right now?

I’m trying to make little short comics as the ideas come to me, but I have a long story in my head that I want to try and get onto paper.  I’m going to move away from prints for a while and try to focus more on making zines and books.    

You’ll be performing at Brain Frame (in the Back Room at Public Assembly right after the Brooklyn Zine Fest) alongside L.A.’s Yumi Sakugawa.  What can we expect from your performance?

Yumi and I both have a deep respect for the meta-physical, and lately our brainwaves have been synchronizing from across the country.  You can expect our collaboration to be a wonderful mix of surreal images and we are trying to incorporate some interesting audio for the actual reading at Brain Frame.  We are both very excited!   


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