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Meet Your Zine Maker: Dretime Comics / Dre Grigoropol

April 1, 2013

Dre Grigoropol is the artist behind Dretime Comics, returning for her second Brooklyn Zine Fest appearance on Sunday, April 21st 2013 at Public Assembly in Williamsburg. Her ongoing series Dee’s Dream is about poetic bohemian Dee Fynch and her underdog garage band.  Dre’s comics have been featured in The Dirty Diamonds, Dangerous Damsels, and Zine Crush.


You’ve done cosplay as Captain America, Link, and Johnny Depp. What draws you to these characters/humans?

The Captain America and Johnny Depp costumes were actually spontaneous. The Link costume was something I thought and put consideration towards doing. Dressing up as Link was something I always wanted to do. As the Zelda series is a semi-role playing game, I always saw myself in his boots.

Giving the question more thought, I can open up and say that deep down I am drawn to heroes. Heroes usually symbolize hope and justice; everyone needs a hero to look up to at times, even when your hero has to be yourself.

What is your favorite thing to draw/illustrate?

Women are my favorite subjects to illustrate. It may have something to do to with being a woman, but maybe not.  I usually am attracted to stories that have female protagonists.  I usually think they are more interesting as characters. However, the world isn’t just filled with women, and I almost force myself to draw men, buildings, neighborhoods, trees, automobiles, bikes, guitars, drums sets, and other things.


Dee’s Dream is your ongoing, multi-volume zine/comics series. Are you working toward a specific ending, or just exploring that universe for now?

I am pretty much exploring their universe right now. They are just in the very early stages of being a band. There are a lot of different scenarios in the future for Dee’s Dream.

What are you looking forward to at the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013?

Seeing the other zinesters, zines, visitors, and sharing my work. This year will probably be even more fun that last, which was a really good experience for me. Last year, there was a gigantic response of people who expressed interest in the festival. I think that the festival will have a big impact this year as well.

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