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Can you spot this Dodo in the wild?

April 4, 2013


We’re intrigued by this pitch for Dodo Magazine, of which there is only one copy in the world, buried somewhere and reachable by treasure map. According to the makers:

“Get the map, follow the way, and when you think you are on the exact spot, dig in until you find the chest. Inside you will find a story to read by the fire, unsolved mysteries, a trip to the past and to Pangea, an interview with a meteorite searcher, a guide to survive a dinosaur, a concoction recipe, a poster, stickers, amazing plant seeds etc.”

If you want to try and find this zine, check their website tomorrow (April 5th), when the map will be released. Happy hunting, or just happy wondering-what-this-thing-is-about (like we’ll be doing!)

UPDATE: Well, it’s outside Madrid.  Buena suerte!

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