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Meet Your Zine Maker: Kaori Mitsushima / Cats I Know

April 10, 2013

Cat-people dance, pick mushrooms, paint, and contemplate life in Kaori Mitsushima‘s imaginative drawings, collages, & daily doodles. Along with Cats I Know and Question Marks, Kaori will have two new zines at the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013 on Sunday, April 21st: After Hours and Book of House Cats.


You’ve recently expanded from Cats I Know to Dogs I Know.  Will we see other species you know as well?

Probably bugs since I mostly don’t like them. I recently spent a week with the two dogs that I drew in Dogs I Know and they completely healed my longtime dog phobia (I got chased by a neighbor’s Maltese when I was six). So maybe if I try to get to know some bugs, by drawing them, I might end up liking them as well. Plus, I like the sound of “Bugs I Know.”

What is your favorite movie involving cat-people? Cat People (1982)? Cat People (1942)? The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996 / 1977)?

I’m afraid I haven’t seen any of these titles but my favorite cat movie is The Private Life of a Cat, by Alexander Hammid. This short silent movie, made in 1947, features real cats and kittens who go about their daily lives. But what’s amazing is that this film shows that the dramas of cats and the dramas of humans are not so different. My cat people agree. Because of this, The Private Life of a Cat has continued to influence me, including inspiring my new zine Book of House Cats, which will debut at the Brooklyn Zine Fest.


Do your Gym Cat Monday drawings motivate you to exercise?  Or do they just mock your laziness?

Well… it’s both. I made the first batch of gym cat drawings after returning from my first day at the gym. I thought that keeping a workout journal and updating gym cat on my blog, every Monday, would keep me motivated to exercise. But after the third week, my laziness returned and I stopped going to the gym and started to think, “It’s okay, at least my cats are exercising.” 

What are you looking forward to at the Brooklyn Zine Fest?

I really look forward to meeting a lot of new people since this will be my first experience as an exhibitor at a zine fest. I hope to have a table that looks fun and interesting, with copies of a beautiful bird zine by Ryuto Miyake, an illustrator from Tokyo, alongside my own zines and Cats I Know items. I am very excited to share all these works with everyone who visits my table.  


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