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Meet Your Zine Maker: SLACKS

April 17, 2013

Now in its second issue, SLACKS (Be ready: NSFW photos on their Tumblr!) is a playful exploration of contemporary masculinities.  It takes delight in fey boys and fancy Dans; the droll, the antic, the whimsical; fellows both spirited and jaunty. Discover the dimensionality of manhood at the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013 this Sunday, April 21st from 11am to 6pm at Public Assembly.

What inspired you explore the meaning of masculinity today?

1) I have long been fascinated with masculinity; since my youth I’ve played with the trappings of boy- and manhood;

2) I had started dating a very traditionally handsome man with a very traditionally masculine body, an experience which prompted me to examine how I–and the contemporary world–looks at male bodies;

3) I found many of my male friends expressing frustration with the boundaries of culturally-constructed masculinity. I wanted to create a space for discussion that was balanced between staid academic babble and Apatowian bromance.

But simply and frankly? I’m pretty much just obsessed with dudes.

Have any of your discoveries surprised you?

Absolutely. I admit, I was alarmed to recognize how eager dudes are to have these conversations! Men are thinking about their gender identities intently and intensely–I was surprised and delighted to see quite how profoundly.

How do you find your contributors/artists/subjects?

The tone of the zine–balanced between levity and gravity–is important to me and I ask dudes who I think will convey that; who I think I can have fun, silly conversation with. Everyone included is someone I either know or have found compelling from a distance. In several cases, doing the photos and interviews has been a concentrated way of establishing friendships with dudes I long wanted to speak to.

What’s new in issue #2 of SLACKS?

More beautiful, beguiling dudes! I’m particularly excited to share some really beautiful conversation exploring the quirks and qualities of male friendships. Additionally pumped about an embarrassingly nerdy marathon text messaging session about the construction of identity online with artist and performer Wesley Flash. Otherwise–you’ll have to wait and see!

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