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Recap of Brooklyn Brain Frame, the post-zine fest art & comics performance event

April 23, 2013

An hour after the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013 ended, the magic picked up again in the Back Room at Public Assembly with Brooklyn Brain Frame, the first out-of-Illinois edition of the popular Chicago performative comics event produced and hosted by Lyra Hill.

Lots of folks stuck around after the zine fest to see BZF 2013 exhibitors performing their work on stage with projection, puppets, and epilepsy-taunting light displays. Here’s a recap of all the fun you either witnessed or missed. All photos by Anna White.

Host Lyra Hill welcomed the crowd:
IMG_2859 - Copy

Ben Bertin Oofo the UFO showed off some of his own comics, getting the crowd roused in the process:
IMG_2718 - Copy

Ayun Halliday sang (despite her own claims that she couldn’t!) the topical history of all 52 East Village Inky issues:

IMG_2741 - Copy

Andy Gabrysiak wriggled inside, then emerged from, a homemade “cave” to present his illustrated zine Caves Only:

IMG_2773 - Copy

Tom Blunt of Meet the Lady guided the audience through the phases of womanhood via his found photo collection:
IMG_2800 - Copy

After a break, Matt Carman of I Love Bad Movies talked about how Don’t Tell Her It’s Me, starring Steve Guttenberg as a cartoonist-turned-biker, isn’t a very good movie:



Sparkle Puss the vajazzling cat (and friend of Caroline Paquita) demonstrated DIY vajazzling on an eager-to-learn Lyra Hill:
IMG_2908 - Copy


Yumi Sakugawa and Kelsey Short took the audience on a dream-like journey with their new comic about a woman summoning a companion from the sea:
IMG_2960 - Copy


And finally, Lyra Hill ended the night with a spectacle through her projection-and-soundscape performance Go Down:

IMG_2993 - Copy

Thanks to everyone who came out for the show! You made it a night to remember.


If you’re looking for a more regularly scheduled NYC-based comics performance event, check out the great Carousel hosted by R. Sikoryak (author of Masterpiece Comics), usually at Dixon Place but sometimes elsewhere.

Poster for Brooklyn Brain Frame by Yumi Sakugawa:
BrooklynBrainFrameFlyer - Rev2 small

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