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Notes from the Temporary Library Outside BZF 2013

April 26, 2013

This year’s Brooklyn Zine Fest featured a pop-up outdoor library set up by the Volunteer Library Brigade, a branch of the library awareness organization Urban Librarians Unite.  Organizer Christian Zabriskie shares some of their experiences and a few photos of the day:

The Volunteer Library Brigade rolled out for the first time at the Brooklyn Zine Fest and we could not have asked for a nicer, more dynamic, more welcoming crowd.


Our little booktruck was set up outside. It was freezing at times but we are hearty souls so we fortified ourselves with purpose (and made warming bathroom runs hourly). People were utterly fascinated by the idea of a librarian out on the street. We got some great questions, OK honestly most of the questions were about the Zine Fest, the Cuban restaurant next door, and were you can get a decent cuppa cawfee in the area but those are all legit questions too.

The organizers, participants, and attendees were incredibly welcoming and WOW there were some amazing paper arts on show. Our free ebook library was really popular.

The thing that really blew us away that we were just SO GRATEFUL for is how supportive of libraries in the community everyone was. Libraries in New York City are currently facing over $106 MILLION in cuts this year. We had hundreds of people sign postcards and testify there what the library means to them and why they are essential to New York City.


Thanks so much to the Brooklyn Zine Fest for hosting us and so much for the NYC Zine Community for speaking up for libraries in this time of crisis.

To find out more take a look at


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