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Zine Panel Talk at the CUNY Graduate Center

April 29, 2013

CUNY Chapfest, an annual celebration of chapbooks (limited edition artists’ publications) is coming up this week,  May 3rd to May 4th at the CUNY Graduate Center.  As part of their schedule of events, they’ve got a panel talk on zines featuring several Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013 exhibitors at 3pm on Friday, May 3rd.

Zines: Creative Non-Fiction on the D.I.Y.

Zines have many definitions, but as handmade and self-published print publications created and sold within a community, they undeniably offer writers space to express themselves, most commonly in short-form prose.

Panelists Alycia Sellie (Brooklyn College Zine Librarian), Ray Cha (FAQNP), Mikki Halpin (Eyresses, a zine on Jane Eyre), and Kerri Radley (Deafula) discuss all things zine, including: intentional community, privacy and anonymity, publishing in print in a digital age, the freedom of self-publication, print as a political act, and self expression. Moderated by Anne Hays and Kimiko Hahn of the CUNY Creative Writing Affiliation Group.

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