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Broken Pencil Captures a Sweet Moment at the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013

April 30, 2013

From L to R: Booklyn, Modern English, and Robin Enrico.

For the second year in a row, magazine-about-zines Broken Pencil visited the Brooklyn Zine Fest and came out with a great write-up showcasing several BZF tablers.  We love this moment they witnessed, illustrating the actual effect zines can have on their readers:

“A man with wild gray hair told me how much fun he’d just had [at the] Zine Fest and showed me a button for Deafula, a zine written by a woman named Kerri who’s deaf. The man told me his own wife was going deaf, and finding a zine and this button for her made his day. ‘How awesome is this?’ he says as he left.”

Observer Logo

And this year the New York Observer made its way down to the Fest, where they captured the diversity, professionalism, and whimsy of it all at once:

“Indeed, the Zine Fest was nothing if not well curated. The stapled, drawn booklets ranged in their level of professionalism, from the homemade with the help of a photocopier to the letterpressed. There were food zines from D.C., angst-filled zines, queer history comics, nonfiction comics about ‘vets and chickens,’ and The Bushwick Review. Stands sold vegan cupcakes and buttons. One vendor was featuring discounts on a stack of booklets with coffee stains.”

See more recaps and reflections on the Press page.

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