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Fake Zine in Real Commercial

December 11, 2013


The TV show Psych (we’ve never watched it, but apparently it’s been airing for eight years) has a commercial for an upcoming musical episode, featuring a pull quote from a fake zine.

This is a “…new musical that doesn’t ‘suck-it!'” according to a quote attributed to “Shawn’s self-published ‘zine.”  IMDb tells us that Shawn is a character on the show, and though we were excited for a second that he might actually be Psych‘s resident zine maker, it seems the made-up zine is only mentioned in this tongue-in-cheek commercial.

So while we’re still awaiting a landmark television show brave enough to feature a zine maker in a starring role, console yourself with the knowledge that someone at USA Network is aware of the existence of zines.  Hey, maybe someday we’ll even get a terrible reality show about self-publishing!  We can only dream.

See the full ad here.

Special thanks to the confused viewer who saw this commercial for a television show, thought the Brooklyn Zine Fest was somehow involved, got upset that her young children had to see the phrase “suck-it” onscreen in a commercial aired during the children’s program Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and then e-mailed us repeatedly to complain!

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