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Teaming Up, Zine-ing Up

April 1, 2014
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This guest post is brought to you by Christine Stoddard of Quail Bell Magazine, Brooklyn Zine Fest exhibitor two years running.

The Fairy Punk mantra embraces the fundamental passion behind any punk movement: D.I.Y. But sometimes it takes two to make magic. That’s why The Quail Bell Crew collaborated with Brandylane Publishers for our first books—The Nest: An Anthology of The Unreal and Airborne: An Anthology of The Real. If you’re familiar with and saw our ‘zines at BFZ last year, you know that fellow Quail Bell(e) Kristen Rebelo and I weren’t going to let anyone boss us around. We have our own vision for the imaginary, the nostalgic, and the otherworldly, and wanted someone to help us channel that vision.

What we found in Brandylane was a veteran press with a cooperative imprint known as Belle Isle Books. The cooperative model allows authors more editorial autonomy than traditional publishing. Unlike self-publishing, the author bears no heavy financial burden. While we received no royalty, we shall reap a higher percentage of sales than we would in a traditional agreement. (Something to entertain, ‘zinesters.)

Curious about how the end result? Check out The Nest and Airborne, compilations of the best writings published on from 2010 to 2012. And don’t worry—you’ll still find our ‘zines at BZF this year.

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