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Panel Talks at 1pm and 3pm on Saturday, April 25th

April 19, 2015

In addition to writers, artists, and publishers showcasing their self-published magazines at the Brooklyn Zine Fest  2015 on Saturday, April 25th (a completely different lineup from Sunday, for a total of 150 zine makers all weekend — see the full Exhibitor Lineup here), Day 1 of the fest will also include two panel talks in the downstairs classroom at Brooklyn Historical Society.

CART services for the hard of hearing will be provided at both panels by Stanley Sakai.


1pm – Food and Drink Culture in Zines

Like zines, food and drink are tangible delights made by hand and best enjoyed among friends.  Panelists who write and illustrate food & drink zines will discuss the many ways in which zines explore edible culture, how food is often a jumping off point to a deeper assessment of memories and personal history, and why you should never read a food zine on an empty stomach.

Moderated by Maud Pryor of vegan food zine Marmalade Umlaut.  Featuring panelists Bill Roundy of Bar Scrawl; Mitchell Kuga of Salt Magazine; and Shannon Mustipher of The Modern Travelers’ Green Zine.


3pm – Black Lives Matter: Zines and Activism

The Black Lives Matter panel provides a space in which we can begin to address the important ways that zines can and have sought to respond not only to recent activism around Black lives and public safety, but also to the more systemic issues that have limited the ways that Black people are perceived.

Moderated by Ajuan Mance of 8-Rock Press and the zine 1001 Black Men.  Featuring panelists Nicole Taylor of The Modern Travelers’ Green Zine; Eric Orr of Rappin’ Max Robot (“The Very First Hip Hop Comic Book”); and educator, Black Lives Matter activist, and zine creator Simone Bailey.

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