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Thanks for another great year! Here are all the photos of BZF 2015.

May 8, 2015

Thank you to all the exhibitors, panelists, and attendees who made Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015 such a great weekend!  We enjoyed meeting and chatting with so many people, flipping through all of the new zines this year, and seeing the connections made throughout both days.

Here they are — all the photos from both days of Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015, by Sylvie Rosokoff.  Many thanks to Sylvie for covering the fest this year and last.  Thanks also to Stanley Sakai for his CART accessibility services during the panel talks, to all of our volunteers and early-rising exhibitors for helping us get set up each morning, and to the staff and volunteers at Brooklyn Historical Society who kept the lights on all weekend.

You can also read recaps by exhibitors, attendees, and other folks over on the Recaps & Press page, and read the transcripts of the Food & Drink Culture in Zines and Black Lives Matter: Zines & Activism panels.  Relive all the experiences of BZF 2015, or see it for the first time if you couldn’t make it this year.

As those who stopped by our table may have noticed, the BZF organizers are expecting a little first edition this summer, and we’re excited for this new chapter in our lives!  Running the Brooklyn Zine Fest is a yearlong commitment on top of our nine-to-five jobs and personal lives, and in order to give our future zine maker all the love and attention he’ll require, we are taking a year off to fold (but probably not staple) diapers instead of pages.

While there won’t be a Brooklyn Zine Fest 2016, we’ve heard exciting rumblings of possible future zine events in New York City, including ones in the Bronx and Greenpoint, and are happy to offer help and assistance by e-mail to anyone starting up a zine event in the city or elsewhere.

We also love (and look forward to carting a tiny attendee to) all the NYC-area zine events that have started in the last four years — Paper Jam Small Press Festival at Silent Barn; Black Lesbian DIY Fest, returning this October 3rd (registration open now!); the 8-Ball Zine Fair; the NYC Feminist Zinefest; and Zinefeast at SUNY Purchase.  These are in addition to Pete’s Mini Zine Fest, the longest-running zine event in New York (since 2010 — predating BZF by two years!), returning on Saturday, July 25th (registration opening soon).  As always, keep an eye on Stolen Sharpie Revolution’s Zine Events page for more zine fest listings here and abroad.

Keep making zines!  Keep reading zines!  Keep encouraging others to make zines and letting them know how to pronounce “zine!”  We’ll see you soon!

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