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Accordions and Student Section on Sunday, April 26th

April 18, 2015

Sunday, April 26th (Day 2) will feature some special additions at the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015.  First, early arrivers will be treated to walk-in music by the Brooklyn Accordion Club, who will be debuting their publication Squeezine! at the fest.  (It’s a natural pairing — a compressed accordion looks kind of like a stack of zines, after all.)  To celebrate, an accordionist from the club will be playing at Brooklyn Historical Society’s entrance to kick things off and welcome attendees to the event.

Accordions 2

Also on Sunday, you’ll browse zines by the many college, high school, and vocational students and teachers exhibiting in the Student Section.  We started this special feature last year, and are excited to see what’s in store from this year’s students, who hail from SVA, Parsons, Barnard, The Center for Cartoon Studies, local high schools, and elsewhere.

Student Section exhibitors:  Aimee Bee Brooks  /  Stephanie Zuppo  /  Barnard Zine Club  /  Weakly Boys  /  CJ’s ZinesLaura Lannes  /  Allyson Sheehan  /  Parsons Illustration  /  Parsons Alumni  /  Raw Fiction  /  Mady G.  /  Annie & Anna  /  J.R. Zuckerberg


On top of all that, the main exhibition spaces will feature a completely different lineup of 75 writers, artists, and publishers (see full Exhibitor List here) from what you’ll find on Saturday.  We’ll see you all weekend!

Statement Regarding Panel Talks at BZF 2015

April 17, 2015

You may have received an e-mail or read a post from Jordan Alam about the Brooklyn Zine Fest.  The claims Jordan makes are upsetting, however several are misleading and some are simply not true.  We did not remove any panels from this year’s lineup.  Jordan’s departure from this year’s fest was due to another event she committed to host, which was scheduled to be held at the same time as this year’s panels.  Please read below for details.

One thing is certain: we have received a strong response from both attendees and exhibitors concerning the value of a Black Lives Matter panel talk at this year’s event.  We have always appreciated feedback from everyone involved in the zine fest — often through responses to our annual surveys, occasionally through direct e-mails — and your responses have made us realize how under-represented POC are in the world of zines and zine fests.  You are right: a Black Lives Matter discussion should and will be held at the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015, to create a space for a conversation about race and art in self-publishing.  But to do it, we need your help and your involvement. Read more…

Here’s the poster for Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015!

April 8, 2015

BZF 2015 Poster 1500x2000

Poster art by Kseniya Yarosh.  Design by Matt Carman.

And here’s the back of the postcards we’ll be dropping all around Brooklyn, with most of what you want to know about the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015 (April 25th & 26th from 11am to 6pm at Brooklyn Historical Society).  For more, see the Event Info page.

Poster Back for BZF 2015

One-night pop-up zine library at Brooklyn Museum!

March 25, 2015

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who came out to our Pop-Up Zine Library at the Brooklyn Museum to browse this year’s zines and talk self-publishing with us! And an extra-special thanks to our exhibitors who stopped by to see their fellow zine makers’ work, as well as the volunteers who helped us pull this whole thing off.  We had a lot of fun, and hope everyone got a good preview of what they’ll find at the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015 on Saturday, April 25th and Sunday, April 26th at Brooklyn Historical Society!

Here are a few photos and an excellent video (by Jannese Rojas of Usagi Por Moi) from the event:

Original post, truncated:

Can’t wait to see what BZF 2015 has in store? Tomorrow (Thursday, March 26th) we’ll be hosting a one-night pop-up zine library at the Brooklyn Museum in conjunction with their exhibit Chitra Ganesh: Eyes of Time, and we’d love to see you there.

Peep the wide range of zines you’ll be able to find at this year’s zine fest (April 25th & 26th at Brooklyn Historical Society), pluck a few from the displays to leaf through in a comfy chair, and ask us and other exhibitor-volunteers anything you want about these zines, self-publishing in general, and what to expect at this year’s Brooklyn Zine Fest.

Here’s the Full Exhibitor List for Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015!

March 4, 2015

Modern Traveler’s Green Zine

Whim Quarterly Etc.

Here it is — the full lineup for Saturday 4/25 and Sunday 4/26 at the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015!  Each day features a completely different lineup of writers, artists and publishers, all at Brooklyn Historical Society [map] in Brooklyn Heights.  Come both days to meet all 150 exhibitors and see everything this year’s fest has to offer!

Saturday, April 25th, 2015
I Love Bad Movies
Kseniya Yarosh
The Carbon Based Mistake
Sleeping Creatures Distro
For the Birds
Alisha Davidson
Sincerely Analog
Dirt Rascal
Breadawg Bakery
Debbie Fong Illustration
Brain Washing From Phone Towers
Self-Publishers of Chicago (SPOC)
Steve Seck
Sara Lindo
Going Places Zine
OCD Throws Bows
Tsurufoto Nudiezine
Morgan Pielli / Indestructible Universe
The Ken Chronicles
Horror Boobs
Le Fatras
So What? Press
Jess Ruliffson
Girl Pains
So Buttons Comix
Tiny Splendor
Burn Black
Marguerite Dabaie
Vinyl Vagabonds
Hirsute Heroines
Put A Egg On It Tasty Zine
FORGE. Art Magazine
Psycho Moto Zine
The Bushwick Review
No Place for a Vacation
Bill Roundy
8-Rock Press
Justin Corriveau
Holli Mintzer
Clown Kisses
Vice Versa Press
Derek Marks
SP Press
Modern Travelers’ Green Zine
Lovers & Other Strangers
The Magic Of Childhood
ET Russian
(^^^) Sharkbite
Courtney Menard and Tyler Boss
Edison’s Notebook
Used Gravitrons
Kat Roberts
Stevie Wilson
Sean Santiago
Sunday, April 26th, 2015
Gary Kachadourian
Research and Destroy New York City
The Word Distribution
Lady Gardens
Samantha Castoro
Ink Brick
Walk Write Up
Janet Sung
Greg Kletsel
The Breaking Shell
Whit Taylor
Barnard Zine Library
Lower East Side Librarian
Whim Quarterly Inc.
A.D. Puchalski / Shock Cinema
Fluxxii Distro
Tuesday Bassen
Dave Ortega
Greg Farrell
Kate Larson
Paper Rocket Minicomics
Got a Girl Crush Magazine
Crying Frodo
Marmalade Umlaut
Ellen Lindner
Purple Pony
Pop Culture Puke
Jowy Romano
Carnage NYC
EKG Labs
Nightly Doodles
Displaced Snail Publications
Black Lesbian DIY Fest
Caroline Paquita + Pegacorn Press
Homos in Herstory
Sarah Mae / Big Womyn Press
Ray Ray Books
Heretical Sexts
643 Collective
Haiku & Holga
Usagi Por Moi
We’ll Never Have Paris
Celeste Fichter
Stranger Than Bushwick
Poor Unfortunate Soul Sisters (P.U.S.S.)
Sleepy Peopl
Original Plumbing
Jeremy Jusay
Triple Lightning
Eric Orr
SqueeZine!: Brooklyn Accordion Club
East Village Inky
I Love Bad Movies
Come on Down: True Game Show Tales
The Carbon Based Mistake
Deth P. Sun
Jess Worby
Eli Brandwein
The Insomniac Propagandist
Student & Teacher Section on Sun. 4/26


Panel Talks and Workshops
Saturday, April 25th will include a full schedule of panel talks and workshops featuring local writers, artists, and BZF exhibitors. All programs are curated by the BZF organizers and will cover the diverse range of zines and zine makers from New York City & beyond in 2015. Program topics and participants will be announced on this site as they are confirmed. If you have any suggestions for panel topics you’d like to see, please feel free to get in touch!
Aimee Bee Brooks
Stephanie Zuppo
Barnard Zine Club
Weakly Boys
CJ’s Zines
Laura Lannes
Allyson Sheehan
Parsons Illustration
Parsons Alumni
Raw Fiction
Mady G.
Annie & Anna
J.R. Zuckerberg

Elvis 2
Homos in Herstory


Photos by Sylvie Rosokoff

UPDATE: Exhibitor applications for 2015 are now closed.

January 9, 2015


UPDATE 1/14: The Exhibitor Application for Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015 is now CLOSED.  Thank you to the many hundreds of zine makers who applied.  We will notify you of your application status by February 2nd.

The Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015 Exhibitor Application is now open, and will be open until Wednesday, January 14th at 12pm EST.  All applications received during this time will be equally considered as we curate the line-up for BZF 2015, so make sure to have all the information required — including photos of your zines and a clear description of your work.

When you’re ready, apply via the link on our EXHIBITORS page.

Exhibitor applications for BZF 2015 will open January 9th

December 26, 2014


Attention zine makers interested in tabling at the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015: Exhibitor applications for BZF 2015 will open on Friday, January 9th, and will remain open until 12pm EST on Wednesday, January 14th.  As always, BZF 2015 is a curated event and we’ll need to get a good sense of each applicant’s work in order to put together a diverse and well-rounded fest, so be sure to have a clear description (and some photos, if possible) of your work ready for submission.

BZF 2015 will feature more than 150 writers, artists, and self-publishers showcasing their zines, as well as workshops, panel talks, and other exciting events.  If you’d like to follow along with the latest details, sign up for our mailing list here, or stay tuned to the website, Twitter, or Facebook.


Announcing the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015!

October 22, 2014

Mark your calendars! The Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015 will be held on Saturday, April 25th and Sunday, April 26th, 2015 at Brooklyn Historical Society, featuring two days of zine exhibitors, panels, and workshops.  Exhibitor applications will open in January 2015, and all details will be posted here as they develop.  To keep yourself in the loop, sign up for the mailing list via the link on the sidebar.

BZF 2015 Announcement

Photos From Brooklyn Zine Fest 2014

May 1, 2014

The Brooklyn Zine Fest 2014 spanned two days at the beautiful Brooklyn Historical Society, and photographer Sylvie Rosokoff was there the whole weekend to capture it all.  It was the biggest and most well-attended Brooklyn Zine Fest in our three-year history, and we couldn’t have been happier with the entire event.  From the gorgeous rooms at Brooklyn Historical Society to the amazing variety of zines to the energetic and engaged crowds (and a few adorable pups who pulled their owners into the space), everything was lovely and we had an amazing time.

Below are just a few of our favorites; see all the photos from Sylvie, as well as collections from Tom Scola, Kirsten White, Twitter, Instagram, Animal New York, and several recaps on our PHOTOS page.

Stopping to smell the proses

April 30, 2014


After putting together an awesome two-page spread about this year’s event for their print edition, Time Out New York‘s Andrew Frisicano headed to Brooklyn Historical Society to check out all the Brooklyn Zine Fest exhibitors in person.  The recap he put up on TONY‘s site today is equal parts strange and poetic, a fitting encapsulation of this yearly celebration of the self-printed page.  Here’s a taste of his scent-based review (see it here in full):

“Print has a weight, a texture and a smell. You can read it, tack it on your wall, hand it to a friend, and you can admire its unique fragrance.”

“…the floral aroma of the risograph-printed CybrMall. Sweet, certainly memorable. Street-art zine Carnage comes in a sealed bag to lock in the perfume (fresh paint and pretzels). AlexZine‘s photocopied pages carry an earthy, herbal fragrance. Next time you find yourself with a Kindle in your hand, take a breath and consider just what you might be missing.”

We love the idea of experiencing zines in a new way.  So go ahead — open up the envelopes or shoeboxes where you keep them, or just lay down next to the pile of printed matter strewn across your floor, and give it a whiff.  You just might appreciate zines in a way you hadn’t thought of before.