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Brooklyn Paper Logo
Brooklyn Paper: “The fest has helped staple together a close community of Brooklyn zinesters, writers, and artists.”

Art Talk: A video recap of Brooklyn Zine Fest 2015 by Ethan Minsker

NYU Local: “The Strange and Wonderful Brooklyn Zine Fest.”

FORGE. Art Magazine: “The Brooklyn Zine Fest this year was incredible.”

Brokelyn Logo small
Brokelyn: “A gathering of the zine community with several panels that investigate the current state of the zine medium.”

Good Looks New York: “It was incredible to see people exchanging experiences and ideas through their chosen medium to a crowd that was so receptive.”

New York Point Guide: “DIY spirit is strong in Brooklyn.”

Food & Wine interview with Maud Pryor of Marmalade Umlaut.

Video of BZF 2015 with exhibitor and attendee interviews by Ilyse Liffreing.



— PRESS FOR BZF 2015 —

The Village Voice: “The biggest zine convention in the Tri-State area” featuring “one of the few tangible art forms resilient enough to survive in the digital age.”

i-D Magazine: “Make sure to catch the panel Black Lives Matter (Saturday at 3PM), a discussion with zine creators about how zines can be a method of activism.”

Time Out NY ‘Best Book Events’: “Think of this festival as a way to start your creative journey.”

Bedford + Bowery: “There are tons and tons of zines to soak up, so if you want to be a real hardcore dork about meeting everyone and seeing absolutely everything, then you gotta go both days.”

amNewYork: “Lovingly hand-made in small batches by passionate autodidacts with equally passionate readers.

Brokelyn Logo small
Brokelyn: “Self-published work covering a tremendous range of subjects.”

Remezcla: “Get inspired, and start making some zines gente!”

Free Williamsburg: “We’re excited about this event which will feature over 150 zine artists.”

Brooklyn Magazine: “Browse selections featuring food, politics, identity, photography and more.”

Flavorpill Logo 2014
Flavorpill: “There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a zine, the small, often self-published booklets that fuel subcultures and movements across the world.”

Panel Patter Logo small
Panel Patter: “It’s no surprise that I hear lots of good things about this show every year.”

People of Print logo gray
People of Print: “Browse through publications and share ideas with makers throughout the weekend.”

Eventbrite:Anyone still in print deserves to be celebrated.”

The Skinny: “For those in love with the textually ephemeral.”

Cultivating Culture logo gray
Cultivating Culture: “One of the most anticipated annual events for Brooklyn’s maker/DIY community.”

Nu Hotel: “Two days of magazine madness [with] many peculiar and exciting artistic ventures.”

StageBuddy: “If supporting writers is your thing, the Brooklyn Zine Fest is a great event for you to check out.”

The Comics Reporter: “If I were in NYC, I’d go to this.”

Hopes & Fears‘ Art Shows to See This Spring: “Each day has a different roster of participants gathered to sell zines.”

20×200‘s Art World ABCs: “If you’re a super zine fan, make sure to check out Brooklyn Zine Fest.”




Brokelyn Logo small
Brokelyn features BZF 2014 exhibitors giving “some encouraging and inspiring words on how you too can make zines at any time of day.”

Time Out New York: “The printed-matter expo offered a range of intriguing things to bury your nose in… Next time you find yourself with a Kindle in your hand, take a breath and consider just what you might be missing.”

Animal Logo gray
Animal New York: “Some quick highlights from the two-day 150-exhibitor Brooklyn Zine Fest this weekend.”

The Tiny Report Logo small
The Tiny Report: “I’d like see more festivals like this one.”

Food Feud Logo
Food Feud: “I had never met a person who came all the way from England for a zine fest before.”

Empty Lighthouse Logo gray
Empty Lighthouse: “Quite an impressive turnout.”

Take Out Logo
Take Out: “I had so many great conversations.”

Cody Pickrodt Logo
Cody Pickrodt: “Brooklyn Zine Fest was amazing.”

Special Libraries Association: “Librarians, archivists, students, and people outside the industry who are passionate about independent publishing and preserving this unique medium.”

Le Sigh logo
The Le Sigh: “I left feeling gratefully exhausted, inspired and filled to the brim with new zines to read.”



Time Out New York: “As one of the form’s strongest champions, the Brooklyn Zine Fest has established itself in three short years as a publishing expo par excellence.”

Flavorpill Logo 2014
Flavorpill: “It’s your chance to surround yourself with ambitious, creative folks who decided to go out and do it themselves. And, the spirit can be infectious.”

amNewYork’s “What to Do in Spring 2014”: “Lovingly hand-made in small batches by passionate autodidacts with equally passionate readers.”

Soundcheck Logo
WNYC’s Soundcheck: See us talk with host John Schaefer about the zine fest and our favorite music zines (skip to 33:20), live onstage between Parquet Courts and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

Community Arts NYC small
Community Arts NYC: “Fun, educational, and inspiring… whether you’re an avid zinester and collector, or even if you’ve never even heard of a zine before.”

Voice Logo gray
The Village Voice: “For the past three years, the Brooklyn Zine Fest has been displaying everything we love about DIY publishing, and 2014 looks to be the biggest gathering yet.”

Brokelyn Logo small
Brokelyn: “The idea of buying really cheap reading material… is definitely a welcome opportunity.”

Brownstoner: “Panels and a wide variety of publishers, artists and writers.”

Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire: “All you paper-media lovers… check out a wildly eclectic selection of independent publications.”

L Magazine logo gray
The L Magazine: “Celebrates the self-published work of local artists and thinkers.”

Panel Patter Logo small
Panel Patter: “A highly successful (and mini-comic/zine star-studded) festival.”

Melville House Logo
Melville House: “Puts to rest any doubt that D.I.Y. culture is alive and kicking.”

Social Fix
Social Fix’s “April’s Best Events for Bibliophiles”: “For people who still like the sensation that comes from turning a page.”

Project Q gray
Project Q: “Are you a zinester looking to connect with like-mind D.I.Y. folk?”

Observer logo gray
New York Observer:Print is alive in Brooklyn. In fact, it’s downright existential.”

Brooklyn Vegan Logo
Brooklyn Vegan: “Brooklyn Zine Fest returns this year.”

AM New York second logo gray
amNewYork: “Meet the creators of zines, listen in on panel talks or just mix with the crowd.”

Cultivating Culture logo gray
Cultivating Culture: “Whether you’re an avid zine collector, or aren’t even quite sure what a zine is, this event is designed to be a welcoming space for people of all ages, and from all walks of life.”

ArtFCity logo
Art F City: “Imagine the NY Art Book fair, but smaller, weirder, and with more drawing.”


2013 Recaps & Reflections

The Village Voice’s Best of NYC 2013: “Best Reassurance That Print Will Survive… Even people who grew up with the Internet still love expressing themselves through print.”

Broken Pencil
Broken Pencil: “More evidence that the zine community of New York, and even farther afield, is alive and well.”

Observer logo gray
The New York Observer: “There is hope for print.”

Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire: “A growing community is returning to the tangible thing-ness of creating zines.”

Artifacts by Akko: “Scrappy, weird, elegant all at once.”

Autostraddle Logo gray
Autostraddle: “One wonderful, loving large community of humans that want to hold something unique in their hands.” / “The way I felt here pretty much summarizes what Brooklyn Zine Fest is all about: the feeling that I have found my people.”

Gottesman Logo
Gottesman Libraries at Columbia University: “The event was packed with tablers and with visitors, an impressively successful event.”

Brokelyn Logo small
Brokelyn: “How can we rediscover the magic and the tangibility of what I remember it was like to read great magazines? That was the motivation for going into print.”

AdamJK logo gray
AdamJK: “I kept alternating between nervous and excited. It was literally non-stop, I talked to a few hundred people and it was really really fun. I just joked all day.”

Oak logo gray
OAK Blog: “After letting ourselves get lost in the festival for the afternoon, we left with a handful of great zines, and a new found appreciation for the self-published medium.”

Press for BZF 2013 —

NY Times Logo gray
The New York Times: “This year’s zine-making participants — about 85 — reflect the variety in contemporary zine culture.”

Time Out New York: “DIY publications range from diary-style essay anthologies to abstract collage collections. Those examples barely scratch the surface of the offerings at this year’s event.” (Also in the April 18-24, 2013 print edition.)

Gothamist Guide to April: “Though some writers had thought that the internet has extinguished the tradition, zines are alive and well.”

Voice Logo gray
Village Voice: “There’s something for everyone, and unlike at your local Duane Reade, gratuitous browsing through the mags is encouraged.”

Brokelyn Logo small
Brokelyn: “The BZF draws a crowd that ranges from flower wreath-wearing Rookie Magazine acolytes to aging post-grunge scene veterans”

L Magazine logo gray
The L Magazine: BZF 2013 is one way to “Celebrate National Poetry Month in Brooklyn.”

Flavorpill Logo 2014
Flavorpill: “Those handmade, photocopied and stapled magazines that are the heart of DIY culture will be celebrated.”

Brooklyn Exposed: “Six Brooklyn Zines to Check Out at the Brooklyn Zine Fest”

Complex Art & Design: Brooklyn Zine Fest is one of “20 Must-See Art Events in April.”

Observer Logo
Fordham Observer: “For people who enjoy creativity in the form of essays, comics and illustrations.”

Heritage logo gray
Heritage Radio Network interviews exhibitor Malaka Gharib of The Runcible Spoon: “Having your own zine is a great way to build a community for yourself and to find other like-minded people.”

People of Print logo gray
Featured on People of Print


2012 Interviews, Photos, Reviews, Reflections —

Capital Logo gray
Capital New York: “A compendium of quirks and grievances and memories and curiosities and objects lost and found.”

Broken Pencil: “Calling this a renaissance would imply the zines ever really went away. The stacks of back issues on each table stated defiantly that they’ve been here all along.”

Brokelyn Logo small
Brokelyn: ” People are interested in publishing their own media… it’s nice to have something tactile that you can hold on to.”

WNYC logo gray
WNYC: “It’s tangible, it’s real, it’s written by someone who you’re connecting with through those pages.”

The Eye logo gray
The Eye, Columbia Spectator: “We’re all a little bit stressed out by the Internet age,” Freedman says. “I think there will always be room for zines.”


2012 Pre-Fest Critics’ Picks, “Best of” Lists —

Voice Logo gray
Village Voice: “If you thought that the rise of digital media called for zine culture’s inevitable demise, think again.”

New York Mag logo gray small
New York Magazine: “Critics’ Pick”

Brooklyn Paper Logo
Brooklyn Paper: “It’s Zion for zine readers.”

Huffington Logo gray
Huffington Post: “Explore the niche-centric world of independent publishing.”

Brooklyn Based gray logo
Brooklyn Based: “A zine renaissance is upon us.”

Brooklyn Exposed: 21 Cool Events and Festivals Happening This Spring (BZF is #7)

Daily Planet: “Tons of zinesters will be tabling, hocking, and talking all things ziney…”

Brokelyn Logo small
Brokelyn: “To dismiss zines as relics of a bygone age… could get you a nasty papercut.”

Time Out New York: “Whether you’re a sci-fi fanatic or a pizza connoisseur, this haven for print fans has a publication for you.”

Flavorpill Logo 2014
Flavorpill: The BZF is an “Editor Pick” for Sunday April 15, 2012

Thought Catalog logo gray
Thought Catalog: Interview with organizers Matt Carman & Kseniya Yarosh

Gothamist Daily E-mail: “There’s something refreshingly analog about the world of zines, those wonderfully atavistic souvenirs from the fading era of print publishing.”

Zine Fest Podcast: Two BZF organizers talk with Eleanor Kagan of The Hoot! and NPR about the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2012, some of the exhibitors, and what this event means for the city and borough’s artistic communities. (11 min.)

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